ATS VIP 3rd Transnational Project Meeting (Malaga 15-16 September 2021)

Accessible Travel Solutions for Visual Impaired People: Consortium joined the third Transnational Project Meeting of ATS VIP
On September 15-16, 2021, Consortium joined the third transnational meeting of ATS VIP, a Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission.
ATS for VIP is implemented by a consortium of 3 partners from 3 European countries (The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Spain).
It Solutions for All was the organiser and host of the meeting. The meeting was held in a mixed format. ITSFA and ABT met in Malaga face to face, while partner LLN attended the meeting online from Macedonia, because of travelling difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis.
This difficulty did not prevent the LLN partners from perfectly coordinating the two days of meetings.
The agenda of the meeting included the following items:
• Intellectual Outputs:
IO1 – Creation of a methodological framework for accessible and safety travelling for visually impaired persons.
IO2 – Creation of an OER for accessible, safety and secure travelling of visually impaired persons.
IO3 – Public awareness campaigns for accessibility, safety and security during travelling for visually impaired persons.
• Overview of the project activities
• Overview of the dissemination activities
• Overview and evaluation of the implementation of the project, project management, quality of the outputs, results, communication/collaboration between partners
• Project Management & Implementation
• Impact of the project
• To-do list
As the development of the project is well advanced, the partners were able to analyse the whole evolution of the project, from the beginning to the current point, the awareness campaign, which is one of the project’s main outputs. This awareness campaign includes a large number of initiatives, such as video interviews, tips for safe travel, an information flyer, the organisation of focus groups in the participating countries, a contest, a video compilation with all the material created, and a video exhibition related to travel for blind people.
All partners actively participated by presenting their work in each of the outputs, discussing and sharing ideas and suggestions for the future.
The main objective of ATS for VIP project is the development of barrier-free tourism OER and cross-traffic navigation solutions to make travelling accessible and safe to blind and visually impaired people, as AST for VIP project aims to improve the mobility and the quality of life of these people all around Europe.