On November 10, 2022, IT Solutions for all joined the second transnational meeting of MORE, a Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission, which brings together eight Partners from six different countries (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania and Spain). The meeting was held in hybrid mode and hosted by IHF in Brussels.

Partners gathered in a crucial phase of the project. The MORE consortium is completing the study on the multifunctionality of rural women as a new paradigm for rural development and regeneration, culminating in the delivery of final guidelines and recommendations. Partners also discussed the status of the implementation of co-creation events and the delivery of training courses. In the co-creation events, primary stakeholders have been involved in the activities, enabling the collection of crucial inputs to design training & educational tools responding to the stakeholders’ needs.

The project management and methodology involve developing personalised project management, quality assurance and dissemination plans, and monitoring/evaluation tools. Thanks to the presence of Partners with a high level of experience and multiplication potential, the project will benefit from increased visibility and impact at the national and European levels.

The MORE project aims to improve access to and quality training opportunities and qualifications for rural EU women. Some of the critical skills needed for rural women empowerment include digital literacy, entrepreneurial mindset to be social entrepreneurs or self-employees, multilingual competencies, adaptation to climate change and ways to promote rural sustainability, work-life balance, and flexibility to adapt to radical changes such as the ones imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on our societies and economies. MORE will improve access to these qualifications by developing high-quality educational content, easily replicable in other EU countries.

The MORE OER platform is available at https://www.moreproject.eu/, providing specific info on project aims, activities and results. 

In the project, IT Solutions For All is the technological partner of the project, especially in charge of the development of the REA Platform, the project website, as well as the BackOffice for the management of the project content, its maintenance and updating during all phases of the MORE implementation, and even two years after its completion.

For further information on MORE and other IT Solutions for all initiatives:

Website: https://www.moreproject.eu/