On June 15th 2022, Roberta Albertazzi from IT Solutions For All, Málaga (Spain), was interviewed about ITSFA’s role in the MORE project and the objectives pursued within it. ITSFA is a social NGO that seeks training in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for those people who lack the necessary knowledge to function comfortably in our technological world. 

Within the project, ITSFA is the technology partner responsible for the development of an OER (Open educational resources) platform aimed at improving the status of women in rural areas. A series of courses, designed to improve the skills of rural women, will be uploaded onto the platform in order to promote their multifunctionality.

The project addresses the concept of the multifunctionality of women, particularly women in rural settings, who cover different roles within the society. Despite the fundamental role of women in the economic development of the community, there is still a gender gap in access to training and employment. The aim of the project is therefore to empower these women by giving them the opportunity to improve their skills and the quality of their personal and professional lives.

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