On June 17th, 2021 took place a virtual reunion related to the awareness campaign that is carry out within the ATS VIP project.

The meeting was held by IT Solutions for All, the Spanish partner of ATS VIP consortium. During almost two hours, the 20 participants of the online meeting discussed and shared experiences and advice about travels for blind and visual impaired people.

The topics covered were about travels and tourism for disabled people. We could know how often they travel abroad and within their own country, how are their experiences as blind travellers in relation to transport, accommodation and tourist attractions accessibility.

The participants recounted positive experiences about traveling that they lived in first person, as well as the main obstacles that they usually find and, sometimes, these keep them from live the travel experience at 100%, normally they are related to the failure to adapt and the lack of professionals properly trained for some destination.

They also shared experiences related to the travels planification and organization, agreeing that, thanks to technologies, the visual disability or the blindness are not an obstacle to properly plan a trip.

The dynamic and participatory event resulted an interesting and rewarding experience for all the participant and for the organization.

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