Lazzus is an assistant that accompanies blind and visually impaired people on their journeys by creating an auditory field of vision.

People can live better experiences as in their daily lives as during their travels. When they are going to go or to travel anywhere, they can do it on their own, without the help of any other people.

Lazzus is a travel partner that informs you where you are in every moment also can indicate the best route to tourist destinations or establishments of interest.

Mobile app available for any device.

Three ways of operating:

360º mode: The app recognises all near, in radium of 360º such establishments or places of interest with clear information about distance and direction.

Flashlight mode: The app indicates what is there, in the directions mobile is pointing.

Transport mode: Transport mode activates automatically when the blind or visually impaired person is travelling by bus or by car. It indicates where the person exactly is in each moment, to avoid the feeling of disorientation.