21 January 2020

It Solutions for All was in Skopje on January 13th for the Kick-Off Meeting of ATS for VIP: Accessible Travel Solutions for Visually Impaired Persons, a Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2.

ATS for VIP is implemented by a Consortium of 3 Partners from 3 European countries (The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Spain). The main objective of ATS for VIP project is the development of barrier-free tourism OER and cross-traffic navigation solutions to make travelling accessible and safe to blind and visually impaired people, as AST for VIP project aims to improve the mobility and the quality of life of these people all around Europe.

During the meeting, Partners presented their organizations and jumpstarted Project implementation discussing the methodology of Intellectual Output 1 “Creation of methodological framework for accessible and safety traveling for visual impaired persons”, presenting the design, the functionality of the website and the OER platform: IO2 “Creation of an OER for accessible safety and secured traveling of visual impaired persons” and providing ideas on IO3 “Public awareness campaigns for accessibility, safety and security during traveling for visually impaired persons”. 

The Kick-Off Meeting also represented a great opportunity for Partners to agree upon the web domain, design and logo, in order to foster Project visibility and to launch dissemination activities.

IT Solutions for All is a non-profit NGO that seeks training in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for those people who lack the necessary knowledge to function comfortably in the technological world in which we find ourselves.

For the ATS for VIP project our main task will be to develop the project website and the OER platform for accessible safety and secured traveling of visual impaired persons

Contact us for any information about ATS for VIP and the other initiatives of IT Solutions for All