IT Solutions for All participates as an associated partner in several European projects of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.


These projects are very different, from helping to preserve traditional crafts, to help women learn about and master new technologies, to give a couple of examples.


These are some of the projects in which we participate as associated partners:



MICRO supports the development of basic and transversal skills (such as entrepreneurship, ability to operate in the EU Single Market, self-employment) in an innovative way: the innovative method of MICRO relies on its bottom-up and demand driven approach while consolidating on the expertise and experience of VET practitioners and technical experts.


ARTCademy is a knowledge-based project which aims to preserve and strengthen the European artisan and traditional crafts sector. For this purpose, it will work in two ways: first, keeping and protecting ancestral knowledge concerning to traditional jobs, particularly these in risk of disappearing; second, providing to these sector’s firms tools and skills for their survival and development as profitable businesses.


Ensemble aims to develop and validate an INNOVATIVE NFIL MECHANISM focusing on the needs of the migrant that will help VET’s educators to identify and assess the NFIL professional competences of migrants groups and allow migrants to play a central role in the integration process.


At present, it is also beginning to participate as a partner in several European projects to try to disseminate and help as much as possible with our effort and knowledge and help the more people the better.


ATS VIP: Accessible Travel Solutions for Visually Impaired Persons. It focuses on studying the needs of European travellers with visual impairment and blindness through its experience, to find aids and solutions to make travel a safe and satisfying activity.


Predict: Prevention of Disasters ICT. It studies the situation in several European countries regarding the prevention and response to natural disasters and catastrophes for the most fragile populations (children, young people and disabled people) and will provide interesting information and training materials through its online platform.